Property Surveys

Building Surveys

A Building Survey (formerly known as a Structural Survey) provides a purchaser with an assessment of the condition and state of repair of the property. The report is based upon a detailed visual inspection and is intended to identify particular defects which may require early attention or where works of an extensive or unusually expensive nature will be needed in the future. Christmas & Brugge Ltd survey reports are constructive and consider condition in the context of the buildings age and construction. The survey report will include an assessment of rebuilding cost for insurance purposes.

A Building Survey is suitable for all ages and types of property. Christmas & Brugge Ltd has particular experience in advising on the larger period and historic buildings and would be happy to provide a quotation for this or any other type of property. The Building Survey can be tailored to a purchasers specific needs. If an aspect of the construction is of particular importance we can consider this in greater detail. You may have in mind some alterations or extensions and we can also consider these and advise on feasibility.

Christmas & Brugge Ltd provides a survey report to address a specific concern, for instance, where a lending bank or building society is concerned about structural movement or dampness

The Homebuyer Survey

The RICS Homebuyer Survey is in a standard format and is intended for houses, flats and bungalows which are conventional in type and construction and apparently in reasonable condition. The Homebuyer Survey focuses on essential defects and problems which are urgent or significant and which may have an affect on the value of the property. It is more of an economy package, focusing on major issues and not detailed minor defects.

Christmas & Brugge Ltd prefers to carry out The Homebuyer Survey only on properties built after 1910, on the basis that older properties, because of their age and type of construction are more suited to a Building Survey report.