Planning/Architectural Work

Should you be contemplating either a new build or an extension to an existing building or refurbishment of an existing building Christmas & Brugge Ltd can assist in providing drawings and obtaining approvals for Planning and Building Regulations.

Whilst Christmas & Brugge Ltd are not architects, we do have a hands on knowledge of construction and we are able to provide a technical and common sense approach to buildings.

Christmas & Brugge Ltd liaises with local Planners, Highway Engineers and Building Control Officers to ensure proposals receive favourable responses.

Project Management/Contract Administration

A step further on from Planning and Architectural work is to administer a building Contract on the client’s behalf. This may be for simple repairs of a building extension or refurbishment or for a new build property.

Depending on the complexities of the building and what is required we can manage the administration bringing in, if required, Structural Engineers, Quantity Surveyors or Building Services Engineers. Christmas & Brugge Ltd seek competitive tenders based upon a Specification of Works and from a Building Contract and are able to appoint builders on your behalf and administer any building contract through to completion.

Expert Witness Reports

Christmas & Brugge Ltd are familiar with the formalities of the Courts and are regularly appointed to give expert evidence on a range of matters including building disputes and professional negligence. Christmas & Brugge Ltd also has experience in giving evidence at public inquiries and arbitrations.

Party Wall Advice

In London there has been an established framework for dealing with works which might affect adjoining properties for many years. The Party Walls Etc Act 1996 now applies similar procedures throughout the country. In essence, if you propose to cut into or alter a party wall or excavate close to another property you may need to serve notices and agree works with your neighbours. The Act is intended to protect both building owners and neighbour by setting down how the work can be carried out. It is also usual to prepare a record of condition before the work starts so that if damage should be caused the liability can be established.