Building Surveys

It is essential for any purchaser of commercial property to be fully informed of its condition by way of a Building Survey. This applies whether the property is for occupation or bought for investment. In either case unexpected defects can have very serious consequences.

In the case of leasehold property there are often onerous obligations imposed in respect of repairs and alterations.

In the case of a new lease it may be possible to negotiate changes in the terms to limit liabilities if serious defects are found.

Christmas & Brugge Ltd undertakes building surveys of all types of commercial property whether these are of modern or historic construction.

Property Valuations

Christmas & Brugge Ltd can advise for lending, either personal or for probate purposes on residential, commercial and industrial property.

You may be purchasing a property without a mortgage and simply require a valuation for your own peace of mind.

All valuations are carried out in accordance with the condition and parameters set out in the RICS Valuation Standards (the Red Book).


Leases impose a range of obligations on both landlord and tenant. Difficulties often arise in respect of repairs and landlords may wish to serve a notice of disrepair requiring a lessee to carry out works during the term of the lease.

At the expiry of the lease the landlord may serve a schedule of dilapidations to make a claim for damages if the property has been left in poor condition. Substantial liabilities and costs can arise and you should contact Christmas & Brugge Ltd for advice if you are nearing the end of a lease or if you have been served with a notice or schedule.

Christmas & Brugge Ltd can be instructed to act on behalf of either landlord or tenant.