RICS Professionals

Christmas & Brugge Ltd provides valuations for lending institutions and also for property owners. A Valuation may be needed for probate or in a matrimonial dispute or where a right of access or a piece of land is to be sold by negotiation with another party.

All valuations are carried out in accordance with the conditions and parameters set out in the RICS Professional Standards ( The Red Book ).

Properties Under Construction

If you are buying a property which is provided by new construction or conversion you may need our assistance. Although most new properties are sold with the benefit of a warranty from NHBC or Zurich this does not always apply in cases of conversion or where built on a self-build basis. Where a warranty is provided this is limited and may not protect you against all the problems which may arise with the building.

Christmas & Brugge Ltd can provide a Homebuyer Survey on the completed property but if instructed earlier, Christmas & Brugge Ltd can inspect works in progress when defects in construction may be visible and can be rectified before completion.

If you are having a house built for you without the benefit of a warranty scheme your bank or building society will usually require the work to be inspected and certified by a surveyor or architect. They may also need a surveyor to inspect and confirm that works and progress are satisfactory as a condition of releasing stage payments.